“… On this slick, exhilarating track, Azari deploys an androgynous-sounding vocalist named James Baley to deliver a message universal enough for the church, the club, or the vogue ballroom. His vocals are chopped and buried, indecipherable in the shadows of the song’s hundred-and-twenty-beat-per-minute rattle and squelch, until the chorus arrives: “I got a soul,” Baley repeats. There’s an alluring lack of specificity to the song: it could hail from the past or the future, from the depths of despair or the height of jubilance, from Chicago, New York, Detroit, or Toronto. But Azari spares you the bother of wondering. The message is so simple and the beat is so vigorous that it simply sounds like salvation.”

By Carrie Battan for The New Yorker September 19, 2018

Image by James Moore


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